Space wallpapers, desktops and backgrounds

Last uploads offers the highest quality and largest selection of free space wallpapers and space backgrounds for your desktop and Playstation Portable. The space wallpapers are free to download for use as personal desktop backgrounds provided that you have read and abide by our copyright agreement.

The space wallpapers are created from NASA, ESA and NOAO/AURA images as well as from contributions from astro-photographers and space artists around the world. To start browsing our space wallpaper collection click on the Wallpapers link in the navigation bar, visit the widescreen wallpaper galleries, use the wallpaper index or select one of the galleries below.

Currently there are six space wallpaper galleries available:

Nebula wallpaper

Nebulae Wallpaper: Here you will find space wallpaper featuring both diffuse and planetary nebulae. Hubble wallpapers abound - The Orion Nebula wallpaper is a definite must have!.

Planet Wallpaper: This gallery contains space wallpapers of the planets in our solar system including their sattelites (moons). So if you're looking for Mars or any other planet, you'll be able to find it here.

Galaxy Wallpaper: This gallery is the home of our galaxy wallpapers, we've got quite a few galaxies for you to browse through.

Other Wallpaper: This gallery is were all the space wallpapers go that don't fit into the other galleries. This includes wallpaper of Shuttle Launches, Comets, The International Space Station (ISS), Stars and Astronauts.

Apollo Wallpaper: This gallery is were you'll find wallpapers from the Apollo missions. This includes wallpapers of the lunar surface, astronauts working on the moon and the spectacular "Earth Rise" wallpaper.

Space Art Wallpaper: This gallery contains computer generated space wallpapers and illustrations created by spacescape artists.

Free widescreen wallpapers

We now offer widescreen wallpapers! Yes, we've gone widescreen. Two new widescreen wallpaper galleries have been added to the site. As always you will find only the highest quality space wallpapers available for download. All the widescreen wallpapers are available at a resolution of 2560x1600 and remain free to download.

Widescreen solar system wallpapers

Widescreen - Solar System: The Solar System gallery contains all the widescreen wallpapers related to happenings in our solar system. These include wallpapers of the planets, shuttle launches, astronauts as well as space art by various artists.

Widescreen galaxy and nebula wallpapers

Widescreen - Deep Sky: The Deep Sky gallery contains widescreen wallpapers of deep sky objects. These include galaxies, star clusters and nebulae.

PSP wallpaper galleries

  • The PSP wallpaper gallery is a new addition to the site. Currently it offers a wide selection of the best space wallpapers selected from our desktop galleries. New categories will be added soon. The PSP wallpapers have been reworked for use on your Sony Playstation Portable. Now you will be able to have your favourite wallpapers with you wherever you go with your PSP.
  • The Abstract PSP wallpaper offers some of the best abstract and fractal wallpapers created by various artists. They are ideal to add a bit of uniqueness to your Playstation Portable.
  • The PSP Car wallpaper gallery is a new edition. Here you will find some stunning car related wallpapers for your Playstation Portable. They'll make the ideal background for any automobile fan.

We hope you enjoy your visit here. We are always looking for new space wallpapers to add to our collection. If you have any comments or want to suggest a wallpaper for inclusion on the site, feel free to contact us at spacewallpapers[@] Full credit will be given to contributors. I hope this site has aided you in your search for that "Ultimate Space Wallpaper"! New space wallpapers are added as they become available, so check back often!

Site News and Updates

A Huge Milestone reached!

Due to your overwhelming support has reached 10 million page loads and 2,1 million unique visitors in the 3 years the site has been running. Thank you for your support. We'll keep providing only the best quality space wallpapers for you to enjoy. Let's hope there's another 10 million in the site's future!

If you have any suggestions on how the site can be improved, or if you want to see something specific featured on the site please contact us . If you are a space artist or astrophotographer we'll also be more than willing to feature your work.

Space Art by Andrew C. Stewart

We are proud to announce that the site will be featuring space art by Andrew C Stewart. Andrew specializes in high quality airbrush artwork. Some of his work has been featured in Astronomy Magazine, Astronomy Now and New Scientists. Check out his space art in the Space Art wallpaper section.


The updates to the site is now complete. You'll notice a few changes in the galleries. The navigation menus have been slightly altered. The top section contains links to all the different wallpaper galleries available. The bottom section relates to actions in that specific gallery.

You'll also notice that it is no longer possible for users to register on the site. This was done in order to improve security. You'll still be able to access the best space wallpapers on the web - for free as always!

We'd love to hear from you. If you have any ideas or comments or if you discover any bugs, please contact us . You can also contact us if you have some wallpapers you would like to have featured.

Avatar section Launched

We're pleased to announce the launch of our new free avatar download section. You can now download a selection of space themed avatars for use as user account images for Windows XP, Windows Vista and Mac OS. The avatar images should also work nicely for Instant Messenger applications as well. Go ahead... personalize your PC (or Mac!).

Aircraft and aviation wallpaper section launched

We're pleased to announce the launch of our new aircraft wallpaper gallery. If you love the space wallpapers we have to offer then you'll definitely like the aircraft wallpapers. The gallery kicks off with a selection of thirty-six plane wallpapers. More wallpapers will be added on a regular basis, so be sure to check it out, and let us know what you think!

STS-118: Endeavour Wallpapers Added

Space Shuttle Endeavour has been successfully launched and the STS-118 mission is currently drawing to a close. While at the International space station, the crew installed the Starboard 5 (S5) truss segment and transferred tons of cargo between the shuttle and the station. The STS-118 crew conducted four spacewalks at the station. The two major objectives were the installation of the S5 and the replacement of a failed attitude control gyroscope. Endeavour is scheduled to return to earth on Tuesday 21 August. We are pleased to bring you the latest collection of Space Shuttle Endeavour launch and mission wallpapers.

View the most recently added STS-118 Endeavour Launch and mission wallpapers.

STS-117: Atlantis Safely Home

The space shuttle Atlantis was succesfully launched on June 8th 2007 during the first space shuttle launch of 2007. The STS-117 mission is the 118th space shuttle flight, the 21st flight to the International Space Station, the 28th flight for Atlantis and the first of four flights planned for 2007.

Space Shuttle Atlantis, carrying a seven-member crew, landed safely at the Edwards Air Force Base in California at 3:49 PM EDT (19:49 GMT) on Friday 22 June 2007. Two prior landing attempts at the Kennedy Space Centre had to be cancelled due to heavy cloud cover and rain over the area, which posed a risk of damaging the shuttle's heat shield during the landing.

Conditions at Edwards Air Force, a secondary landing site, proved much more favourable with clear skies and light winds. Atlantis will now have to be transported back to the Kennedy Space Centre, piggybacking aboard a modified Boeing 747 - a very costly and time-consuming process.

View the most recently added STS-117 Atlantis Launch and mission wallpapers.

Discovery STS-116 Launch Successful

On 9 December the space shuttle Discovery was launched during the first night time launch in four years. Following the Columbia tragedy, NASA only launched the shuttles during the day in order to detect any debris that may cause damage to the shuttle. The STS-116 crew will spend 12 days in space while working on the International Space Station. Godspeed and a safe return! View the latest Space Shuttle Discovery Launch wallpapers

PSP Wallpaper competiton

We've launched a PSP (Playstation Portable) wallpaper competition. You can now show your skills in creating a stunning PSP wallpaper to share with the world. The 10 best entries will be featured in our galleries for the whole world to see and enjoy. Please read the PSP wallpaper competition forum for more details or to enter the competition.

New Article: Introduction to Nebulae

For those of you who would like to know more about what a Nebula is, I've added a new article about nebulae. Nebulae Explained discusses what a nebula is, the different types of nebulae as well as how they are formed.

Feedback Time

We would love to hear from you on how to improve the site. Please take the time to contact us and let us know what we need to improve, if you like the site or any other comments you might have.

PSP Wallpapers

We are proud to introduce our PSP wallpaper page. With the Playstation portable becoming more popular, we have decided to start offering some reworked space wallpapers for use on your PSP. So if you own a PSP be sure to check out our selection of PSP wallpapers!

Update: The PSP wallpapers have now gotten its very own standalone gallery. You can now register, view, comment and download them from the gallery. The interface is exactly the same as the desktop wallpaper gallery, so you should feel right at home.

A new Abstractgallery has been added to the PSP galleries. Watch out for some new additions featuring abstract and fractal backgrounds.

New look

I'm proud to present to you,the new and improved version of Regular members will soon see the difference. The layout has been tweaked, and brought up to CSS standards. That means that the site will load faster and hopefully look better. A new logo is also in the works, but that will take some more time. If you find any bugs or the site doesn't display correctly please contact me ASAP. spacewallpapers[@]

SiteFeed Added

We are pleased to announce that we have finally added a sitefeed to our space wallpaper galleries. Now it will be even easier for you to keep up to date of the newest space wallpapers uploaded to the site. Al you need to do is ad our space wallpaper gallery RSS Feed to your favourite RSS Reader list and you will be notified of any new uploads. Space wallpaper sitefeed

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Due to recent abuse I was forced to disable hotlinking to images. This means that you won't be able to display an image in forums, websites or any other page. You will however be able to link to that page without any problems.

Space Shuttle Discovery Wallpapers

Space Shuttle Discovery's Return to flight mission was an astounding success. Despite some initial problems during the lauch, Discovery was able to complete its mission and returned safely home on the 9th of August 2005. Safety concerns have caused NASA to suspend all further shuttle missions for the forseeable future. Until the next shuttle mission you can enjoy our Space Shuttle Discovery Wallpapers. The Discovery space wallpaper collection cover Discovery's launch preperation, the actual Discovery Launch, and wallpaper of space shuttle Discovery in orbit.

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