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Copyright and User Agreement

The wallpapers on this site have been created from NASA imagery as well as imagery contributed by various authors. They are only made available for use as personal desktop wallpapers. All images are provided with the permission from their creators. Downloading images from this site constitutes that you have read, understood and accept the copyright agreement and will abide by it

  • All images are copyrighted to or their respective owners.
  • Wallpapers are only provided for use as personal desktop wallpapers and may not be printed or used used for any other purpose without prior permission
  • Wallpapers may NOT be redistributed in any way. This includes any form of distribution including, but not limited to, displaying or making it available to any third party site or using it as backgrounds for websites.
  • If a specific author is credited, the image is copyrighted to the author and may ONLY be used as a personal wallpaper. These wallpapers may NOT be re-distributed or used in any other way without prior permission from the authors.
  • Commercial use of images are prohibited. No image may be used for commercial purposes without prior permission from the authors.
  • No hot linking (direct link to a .jpg file) of any images are allowed.
  • You may not remove any watermarks (hidden or otherwise) or information placed by the author to indicate ownership. You may not use any image or part of an image as part of a larger work or to make a derivative works without prior permission.
  • You may not use the images as any part of a commercial or public endevour (e.g. you can't create a CD collection, make prints etc.)
  • We cannot accept responsibility for any damage or loss of data that might occur from you making modifications to your computer

A lot of time and effort has been put into compiling this archive. No wallpapers provided on this site may be re-distributed on any other website without prior permission. The images are protected by embedded watermarks as well as other methods. Rather post a link to our site for your visitors to explore the wallpapers for themselves. If you want to use the wallpaper for any other purposes then contact us for permission.

Any violation of the copyright agreement will be prosecuted.